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Engineering Roof & Floor Systems Takes a Team of Experts

As a wood truss manufacture for over 60 years and the first local manufacturer of wood trusses with metal gusset plates The Morse Lumber Co. has the technical background and experience to insure you get the roof and floor system you need. Our team of industry professionals is ready to help with every detail of every truss.


Roof and floor trusses are constructed in an infinite number of patterns and used in a variety of applications. Achieving the architectural detail of a vaulted or barrel ceiling while maintaining the hip and valley roof line you’ve envisioned can easily become reality with today’s technology.


We will even match your new trusses to the existing truss system of an addition or re-build.

Contact us today about your new construction projects, additions, residential homes, commercial office buildings, multi-family communities, agricultural buildings, and any other structures you can dream up.

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